Friday, January 28, 2011

"Ballet is like a drug; you get addicted to it. You cannot dance ballet and don't love it; that is absolutely for sure. You give all your life to the art of ballet. I gave so much effort during the 8 years of ballet school. Then I needed to prove in theaters year after year that I was capable, that I was talented that I could dance, so they would believe in me. And when they believed in me I needed to keep it up and only grow and never step back. "

"I wish all the best to young ballet dancers. Of cause you can't be successful without luck and people who can provide moral support. It is very important to feel needed."

^ That was said by the same amazingly talented ballerina that said to me today "Ariana, you looked good today. The way you use your feet, just everything, very good."

I'll never forget today. I thanked her for the sweet compliment and told her it means a great deal (through tears). She replied, "It is not compliment, it is truth." I had to get out of the studio before i burst into tears again.

Many times i feel that all my hard work is useless.

Recently, I have even considered leaving mid season. Not because I want to give up, but because I am so hard on myself I find it hard to think rationally (to say the least).

In the end, i find this to be true, anyone who ever gave you confidence, you owe them a lot.

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